Secret Santa Gift Ideas

One of our top tips for doing Christmas on a budget would be to organise a secret Santa between your friends or work colleagues. If you don’t know what a secret Santa is, it’s when a group of people secretly buy for one random person each.


So, rather than buying gifts for the ten people in your friendship group, each friend buys one gift so that everybody gets something.Usually secret Santa presents have a price limit which is an extra bonus because it doesn’t mean Christmas gets too expensive. If you’re stuck for secret Santa gift ideas on your budget then let us help you out…

Baked goods

There’s something about homemade cakes and cookies that is extra special. Usually because someone has taken that extra bit of time to make something rather than going to the shops. For your secret Santa gift, why not bake some gingerbread? There are lots of easy recipes online that you can follow. If you get some cool Christmas cutters you can make them into all different shapes and decorate them too. Cut a hole in the top of the dough and once the gingerbread has been baked, tie a piece of ribbon through it so that they can be hung up. Package them in a super cute tin and anyone receiving your present is sure to be excited.

Hot chocolate kit

Everyone loves a yummy hot chocolate to keep them warm through the winter. Purchase a really lovely mug that you think your secret Santa will love and fill it with everything you need to make some especially tasty hot chocolates. We’re talking mini marshmallows, flakes and a sachet selection of different hot chocolate flavours. If you want to make it a little grown up, include a mini bottle of Irish cream to make it that little bit richer. Pop everything in the mug and tie a big bow around, voila, you’re ready to go.

Spa in a jar

It’s difficult for a bloke to buy a secret Santa gift for a girl, let alone a girl they might not know that well. So, grab yourself a cool jar, lots of shops have them in the baking or bathroom aisle for a few pounds. You could fill it up with some manicure goodies, like different colour nail varnishes and a nail file. Alternatively beauty stores have different flavour face masks and bath bombs that could be included for an ultimate pampering present. Presentation is key for any secret Santa gift, so make sure you pad it out with some glittering tissue paper and tie a big ribbon around it.

Movie night bundle

Does your secret Santa love the cinema and watching movies? Rather than just buying them a £10 cinema voucher why don’t you make a movie bundle? There are lots of plastic retro popcorn boxes being sold online that are relatively cheap. Fill it up with different flavour mini bags of popcorn and sweets. Include one of the latest DVD’s you think they’d love, and they will be set for a movie night in!

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