Cool Places To Eat In The UK

Eating really is one of our favourite past times. It is a way to be social, celebrate and really just to make you feel pretty good about yourself. In towns and cities across the UK we see the same pizza places, fast food restaurants and everything else in between, wherever you go. You could go to university miles from home but still end up eating out where you usually would anyway.

We want you to get out there and explore what’s new in town. From the independent coffee shops to the cool hot dog stand and you could support your local economy in the process. If you don’t know where to start we’ve done some leg work for you, to give you a little idea of what you may be missing out on. Now we know we haven’t explored every inch of the UK and we are just scratching the surface, but bear with us!

Birmingham- Alfie Birds.

The tag line ‘Gourmet Eats and Funky Beats’ lured us in straight away. Located in The Custard Factory, the ultimate creative area of Birmingham, Alfie Birds offers everything from tasty food to live gigs. You can head down there for a date, to hang out with friends or even if you just fancy something tasty for yourself.

Leeds- Outlaws Yacht Club.

A great chilled out café/bar/exhibition space with so much to offer. With a varied menu of toasted sandwiches to shared platters Outlaws Yacht Club is the place to go if you fancy some time to yourself or if you want to hang out with friends. You can also pop next door for a haircut and take your beer along with you!

Manchester- The Anchor Coffee House.

The Anchor Coffee House is located on Moss Lane East and serves a selection of hot drinks and tasty snacks. It is a great place for students to grab an affordable bite to eat and it is also really chilled so is perfect to get some studying done.

Norwich- Grosvenor Fish Bar.

This fish bar has been around in Norwich for over 90 years and it is still going strong. After a bit of a trendy update, the Grosvenor Fish Bar now serves a good selection of sandwiches and wraps too. There is plenty of seating but they offer an amazing service if you fancy an alcoholic beverage, take a seat in the pub opposite and they will get your meal delivered to the pub.

London- Good Life Diner.

We have included the Good Life Diner on our cool places to eat in the UK because of the fact that they offer ‘hard shakes’, these are the creamy delicious milkshakes you are used to, but with alcohol! With a simple menu offering up hot dogs and burgers, the Good Life Diner is somewhere you can grab a bite to eat and catch up with friends. There are a few located around London so you will be able to locate one wherever you are.

Brighton- The Cocktail Shack.

What could be better than chilling on the beach with a cocktail in hand? Although Brighton does have a beach, normally it is not the weather to be chilling with said cocktail, so the next best alternative would be to head to The Cocktail Shack. It has a Caribbean vibe with reggae and ska tunes being played whilst you sip on your tequila sunrise. The décor has that beachy feel and a really cool, stylish vibe which means good times all round.

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