Jennifer Aniston Interview Prank

Radio and TV presenters are used to interviewing celebrities, it is part and parcel of their job which they carry off amazingly well. Presenters always manage to treat celebs like an old friend, not coming across as nervous or shy. Well, put yourself in Chris Stark’s shoes from Radio 1, he was set up by Scott Mills for a Jennifer Aniston interview prank.

The idea was to ask Jennifer Aniston a few awkward questions, which in previous interviews she had answered with humorous answers and not felt offended by them at all. This time however thanks to Scott Mills, with the help of Jennifer, the interview turned it into a bit of a  nightmare.

You can see the relief (and tears) in Chris Stark’s face when he is told it is a prank, he even gets a hug from Jen because she felt so bad! Check out the interview prank below…

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