New Things To Do In 2015

Was your new years resolution to try something new? Are you not actually sure what that new, interesting thing should be? Trying something new for the first time is strangely fulfilling and  it is a great talking point when it’s something not many people have tried before, so we’ve rounded up some fun and cool new things to do in 2015.


Basically, you get into a really big plastic ball and roll down a hill. That’s all there is to do, but it looks hilarious and we can’t believe we haven’t tried it yet! Zorbing has also been introduced into traditional games like football. Zorb Football is where you get into the large inflatable ball again but this time your legs are free to run around and kick a ball. This looks equally hilarious when you start bumping into team mates.

Ride A Segway

There are lots of Segway experiences on offer, you can take it slow and go on a relaxing Segway ride, or you could sign up for a rally course where you can race against your mates. As Segway riding is becoming more and more popular you will easily be able to find a track near to you and it isn’t as expensive as you think it would be.

Take A Survival Course

Impress your friends and family with new skills by taking a survival course. If you love the outdoors then this is right up your street, but even if you are a bit of a home body a survival course is a great way to do something new and push yourself in the New Year. You never know when you might find yourself in a situation where you need to start a fire and find shelter, Ray Mears style.

Take A Cooking Course

If you want to learn more culinary skills in the New Year then sign up to a cookery course. There a lots on offer to find around your current skills and your schedule from a day course to teach you the basics, to frequent evening classes where you can make delicious three course meals. Why not hold a dinner party once you have finished your course? We bet your mum will appreciate that you have learnt some new skills in the kitchen.


We all dreamt of having a jet pack when we were little, at the time that was just a distant dream into the future. Now your dreams can become a reality with Flyboarding. Flyboarding takes place in water and the idea is that you get propelled into the air by water jets that are attached to you. You are able to do all types of tricks in and out of the water and the force of the water gives you some impressive height.

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