The Student Pocket Gift Guide

If you are looking for a really special gift to give someone this year then we have you covered. It is always nice to treat your mum, dad, friend, anyone, to something really unique that they may not have thought of getting for themselves.

Christmas is a time to splash out on someone who really means a lot to you and show them how thoughtful you are! To make that slightly easier for you, we have come up with some gifts ideas for the following personalities in the form of The Student Pocket Gift Guide (get it?).

The Fitness Fanatic

Fit Bit (Fit Bit, from £49.99) –This fitness tracker is perfect for anyone that is a bit of a fitness fanatic. Easily wearable, it logs every bit of activity you are doing, from how many steps you are walking to how many calories are being burned. Goals can be set and progress can be shared with friends so that they can support you every step of the way.

(Image: Fit Bit)

The Chef

Personalised Oak Chopping Board (House of Carvings, from £55) – Any chef will tell you a decent chopping board makes their life a lot easier. It also makes their kitchen look ever so stylish. Why not get them a personalised chopping board from House Of Carvings? Each chopping board is handmade so you can’t just by them off the shelf, making this gift truly unique.

(Image: House of Carvings)

The Interior Decorator

Vinyl Wall Stickers (Oakdene Designs, from £10.00) – Vinyl wall stickers like the ones from Oakdene Designs are the perfect gift for someone that likes to mix up their decor every now and then. As the vinyl’s have a matt finish they look like they have been painted on, but without the hard work!

(Image: Oakdene Designs)

The One That Loves To Travel

Scratch Globe (Luckies, £19.95)- We’ve seen the scratch map quite a bit on the high street lately but what about a scratch globe? This one from Luckies would be a great addition to any keen traveller’s desk or room. Every time they visit somewhere new they can scratch off that place to reveal a colourful map which is unique to them and their journey.

(Image: Luckies)

The Music Lover

Boom Box Speakers (All Things Brighton Beautiful, £39.95)- Why buy a pair of regular speakers when you could buy boom box speakers? These retro looking speakers are the perfect edition to any music lover’s room. Arriving flat packed they are easy to assemble and with no compromising on their sound quality. They are an instant talking point!

(Image: All Things Brighton Beautiful)

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