Into The Woods Film Review by Kirsty Walkington

‘It’s Disney, but no too Disney’. That was the initial thought that ran through my head when I left the screening of Into The Woods, beaming and humming away to the melody I’d just heard. The melody of a soundtrack I was sure I would purchase the second I got home.

All of your favourite fairy tale characters come together in this musical masterpiece to overcome personal discrepancy and giants alike. Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and Jack, along with a Baker and his wife come together and create what can only be described as a fairy tale superhero team. Assemble!

It’s not a surprise that Meryl Streep shined through like the veteran to musical film that she is, incredibly bring to life the Witch of the woods. Anna Kendrick was pitch perfect in her solo number ‘On the Steps of the Palace’ bringing life and new meaning to the classic Cinderella. Lilla Crawford and Daniel Huttlestone’s performances as Red Riding Hood and Jack were noted by the Phoenix Film Critic’s Society each bagging themselves a youth award nomination respectively.

The woods are a dark place, and not just literally speaking. The characters each travel very different paths into the woods but all wind up at the same place, on the same level. The songs of Stephen Sondheim, the composer behind the film and it’s onstage predecessor, really meant something. The lyrics spoke to the viewers in a way that sometimes only a Disney movie can.

I think its fair to say, with it’s all-star cast, it’s stunning special effects and it’s subtle outreach making people feel a little better, Into the Woods certainly is a tremendous achievement. Kudos Sondheim, kudos!

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