Online Dating Yes or No?

The power of the Internet has made our lives easier for many things, essay research, online shopping and downloading music are all things we can do with the touch of a button. Dating was always something we used to do face to face, but the Internet has made that a lot easier too.

Dating Apps on your smart phone mean there are a whole host of potential matches in the palm of your hand. Are you thinking about whether Internet dating is for you? Unsure if you should take the plunge? Well, read on for some pros and cons.


You can look at a lot of potential dates in one place, relatively quickly. There’s no more scanning a packed pub/club seeing who takes your fancy.

If you’re not one to enjoy said ‘packed pub/club’ then where will you meet people? (We’re not saying pubs and clubs are the only places to meet your dream date, but they are quite common places to do so). Online dating means you can do it from the comfort of your own home, in front of the TV with a cuppa in hand.

You are both behind a screen, so to an extent, you’re likely to be more open and honest. When you’ve met people in real life, there’s often a lot of pressure to impress, and you might not be as genuine as you should be.

Talking online before meeting face to face is a great ice breaker. You’re both in the same boat, looking for the same thing.


You always run the risk that you are talking to the ultimate selfie photographer. If they are absolutely stunning, you will always be in two minds whether they actually look like that in real life.

There are certain dating apps and sites that have got themselves a bit of a reputation for meeting up casually. Make sure you choose wisely, so that you will actually be getting what you want from your dating search.

Although being behind a screen may mean someone opens up more, it also means you miss out on the fun of flirting face to face. You aren’t able to gauge body language or natural cues, to see if they really like you or not.

Internet dating can also become quite addictive. You may feel the need to keep scrolling and scrolling, until you find the one that is perfect for you.

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