Benefits Of Living In A Student House

Every year there’s the same old debate; do you live in halls or rent a student house with your mates? If you’re really unsure, we’ve come up with some reasons why a rented student house may be the best option.

It’s quieter:  As you usually move into a private rented house in your second year, you will actually appreciate a bit of peace and quiet. You’ll need to get your head down and study and you don’t want loads of interruptions from the other people on your floor.

You can choose who you live with: If you’ve previously lived in halls, chances are you didn’t know anyone when you turned up. Now you’ve made friends and can have the option to live with them. Being able to choose to live with all girls or all boys is a bonus too, as you’ll usually have similar cleanliness standards.

You’ll have more space: You’ll be sharing a kitchen/living room but you can actually sit in it and chill out. It will feel more sociable than sitting in your own room watching TV by yourself. A rented house often feels more like you’re back in your parent’s house, it’s not as clinical as halls, and there are lots of ways you can spruce up the decor.

There will be more privacy: No more random knocks on your door at 3am after everyone has got back from their night out. As there’s less of you living together, there’s a natural understanding not to harass your housemates all the time.

You can save a lot of money: If you’re all organised, there’s a good chance you can get together and buy items in bulk. This is much easier to do in a shared house where there might only be four of you, rather than trying to sort it out between everyone on your floor in halls.

You’re even more independent: There’s no security pass or code to get into a shared house normally, well maybe if there’s a burglar alarm, but you know what we mean. You also don’t have to sign people in/out when they come over from elsewhere and you don’t have to keep popping to reception to collect your mail!

You get to choose the location: When you are searching for a privately rented house, you can choose the location. When you live in halls you don’t get the option to shop around for what’s best for you. Maybe you don’t have that many classes, so you don’t mind being in a quieter part of town even if it means your journey takes a few minutes longer on a bus? Or you might feel that you prefer to be even closer to the buzz of the town. With private accommodation, it is completely up to you (and your house mates).

Cheaper than halls: Renting privately is notoriously cheaper than halls; University is generally an expensive experience, so it is important to save cash wherever you can.

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