Alternative Ways To Make Money At Uni

It’s always good to have a little extra cash in your pocket and we’ve come up with some alternative ways to make money at uni. We’re not saying that these options are going to have your rent sorted every month, but, you could definitely treat yourself to some new clothes or a meal out every so often.

Dog Walking

Loads of dog owners worry about their dogs being home alone whilst they are out at work. As a student you are perfect dog walking material because your timetable often means you are free during the day. It is great company for doggies and gives you both a chance to get out and about and exercise. You could put an advert up online or in your local newsagents advertising your services and when you are available. Dog walking also means you get the best of both worlds, a furry companion that you can give back at the end of the day.

Matched Betting

Put into very simple terms, Matched Betting is where you take advantage of sign up offers and free bets from bookmakers. You cover all outcomes when you put your bet on, and because it is a free bet, you don’t make a loss, as it is not your money. The easiest way to do Matched Betting would be by using an automated method, this saves you from having to do the maths and research who is offering free bets. If you want to know more, then Fix The Odds have a tutorial video which you can check out here.


Can you play an instrument or do you have a special talent, then what about busking every now and again. Of course the amount you make is never guaranteed but every little helps, right? Please check with your local council about busking, as you may need to apply for a permit, or there may only be certain areas where you are allowed to showcase your talents.

Cashback Sites

If you like to buy things online, then it is well worth signing up to a cashback site. This is by no means the quickest way to earn cash but you can definitely make a bit of money to keep you going. The way cashback sites work is that you go through their site to buy something online, they get a bonus and pass a little of that bonus onto you. Make sure you sign up with a company that is completely free, because if there is a joining fee, it could be more than you make from cashback, so not worth it. Some companies give you the option to request your cashback in voucher, rather than cash and you will get even more back.

Write Your Own Recipes

As a student we’re sure you’re always looking for new, easy, meals to try out and now you can earn cash for your own recipes. is a website that features loads of interesting and easy recipes cooked by students and by submitting your very own concoction you can earn £5 for every recipe you submit!

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