Unique Date Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner you may want to impress that special someone. Dates can get a bit mundane, do you go to the movies or do you go for dinner? More than likely, both of you have done the cliché dates many times before, so, whether it’s your first date or your 12th, here are some unique date ideas just for you.

Get lost

Go exploring in your local town. There are bound to be loads of things you haven’t seen or done before. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, grab a coin, decide that heads is right, tails is left. As you walk around the city, flip the coin to determine which way you should go next. Even if you get lost, it’s going to be a pretty funny and memorable experience for both of you.

Laser tag

We suggest laser tag because it can be done in pairs and it is completely painless. Displaying your competitive streak can be a good bonding experience. What’s more laser tag beats your regular, boring, dinner date. If you’re not afraid to introduce your date to your friends, then you can up the stakes and go paintballing instead.

Comedy club

Dating is all about having fun, right? So, head down to your local comedy club. There’ll be one in your local town, or your student union may even hold a comedy night which would be super cheap. You may discover a great comedy act you both love, and can keep going back for more.

Band night

A band night isn’t the most intimate, getting to know each other, kind of date, but it might work for you. If there’s a band playing locally that you both like then great. If there’s not a band you both like, get hold of the local band listing and pick a random band. Go see them, they might end up being really good. If not then it’ll be a funny experience which you can leave early and grab a drink together instead.


Who says that a date has to be in the evening? Mix it up a little by taking that special someone on a breakfast date. Our top tip would be to make it a little classier than your local greasy spoon; there are loads of places that do a decent brekky, and won’t be full of builders.

A home date

Why not invite that special someone round to yours? Preferably when your mates are out so they can’t tell them all the embarrassing things you’ve done recently. You could really impress them with your cooking skills or why not make some food together? Eating out can get expensive, so this is a romantic way to save some money.

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