Top Male Bloggers

The majority of the girls reading this will be familiar with the term ‘fashion blogger’. It’s the girl on social media who is amazingly well dressed, but at the same time, feels like one of your friends. Guys, you may not be so familiar with the phrase, so we are here to enlighten you!

Male bloggers, for many years have been seen as a rare species.Blogging has definitely been made into a female dominated world, most probably because women and fashion tend to go hand in hand. This is very slowly changing, with the rise of the super YouTuber more males are being recognised for their blogging abilities and we’ve got a few that you should really go and check out!

Jim Chapman –

The other half of blogging beauty, Tanya Burr, Jim has immersed himself in the blogging world. He hangs out with a host of YouTube superstars and his sisters are the beauty duo Pixiwoo. Best known for the popular culture and fashion on his blog, Jim has expanded his empire and now dabbles in presenting and YouTube pranks. With over 665K likes on his Facebook page he is often branded “the most famous bloke you’ve never heard of” but huge brands like BMW and Mulberry are eager to collaborate with him.

Kate Loves Me-

Pelayo Diaz is a blogger/DJ/ fashion designer who originally comes from Spain but settled in the UK after studying at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College. He started his blog (Kate Loves Me) after his family asked him to document everything he was seeing and doing whilst in London.  He’s got an effortlessly cool style that would be surprisingly easy to emulate on a high street budget so definitely one for the guys to check out.

Joey London Style-

This Tottenham boy is a keen traveller, and travelling all over the world from a young age helped him discover his creativity and love for unusual things. After studying at 6th form, Joey realised that university really wasn’t what he wanted to do and he wanted a career…quick! Originally he began posting videos on YouTube and his blog followed soon after. Joey’s blog showcases his style and projects with major brands, relaying his life to a massive Twitter following of 21.2K!

Robert Nixon-

Overdressed & Underprepared is a fresh outlook on fashion and lifestyle blogging. Blogging can often come across as a very serious business but Robert Nikon adds a bit of humour to the subject. You can easily see why he was voted Tokyo Laundry’s “Top Blogger” as there’s a varied amount of content with sleek and interesting visuals that keep you coming back for more.

The Jack Experience –

The Jack Experience is a new venture from Jack Edwards, with a massive Twitter following of 33.6K his thoughts are already eagerly being listened to by his fans. Jack’s blog showcases his interest of travelling, with beautiful photographs of where he’s visited and also a very useful post about “how to Polaroid”. As well as all the fun posts, Jack writes about more serious and personal issues like losing friends and his total honesty about being ‘terrified’ of online criticism shows that he is a real person. You really feel like your reading a journal of a friend.

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