I honestly never thought it would be possible to make a film quite so… Sparkly. Kenneth Branagh shoots and hits in this live-action re-telling of the classic we all know and love. Filled with backstories and glitter, Disney’s Cinderella is a glittering reboot to the animated triumph.

Cinderella, the ‘rags-to-riches’ princess who made children across the world believe that anything is possible. A compelling back story, unexpected name origin and intriguing counter characters make the film a refreshing watch, whilst not straying far from what we know as traditional.

The tale of Cinderella is one known to many, appearing in a variety of languages and cultures. It is thought that there is between 350 and 1500 different versions of the story to date. You may be reluctant. You may assume the story has been over-done. Told too many times perhaps, But Branagh’s rendition will add a little drop of magic to your day.

A stand out performance by Cate Blanchett and Ella’s wicked stepmother as the incredible actress brought new depth to a character we enjoy disliking. Originally, Cinderella’s stepmother was the personification of discrimination and cruelty, favouring her own daughters and essentially bullying Cinderella into cleaning, cooking and tending to their every need. Despite being a children’s classic, over the years, Cinderella has not lost its powerful message regarding domestic oppression and how rewarding it is to be kind.

The film maintains universal themes of love and resilience, and remember to have courage and be kind.

Words: Kirsty Walkington