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So, let us guess… you woke up early this morning eagerly anticipating 8:05am – the precise moment we’ve all been waiting for, when the Radio 1 Big Weekend tickets FINALLY became available. You sit there, frozen, staring at the screen. You refresh the page countless of times. You type in your postcode and after all the hype; you discover all the tickets have already sold out.

You’re in disbelief. The disappointment feels all-consuming. After the feeling sorry for yourself moment has passed – the fury begins. You text a friend, moan to a family member or post on a social networking site to make your frustration known. You may even have done all three. Going on Facebook or Twitter probably wasn’t the best idea though – those that did get tickets were elated and they wanted the world to know about it. Congratulations to those who did – we are just so happy for you!

So, what can you do to get over the hurt of missing out on seeing Taylor Swift live?

Firstly, here’s something to make you feel better… none of us in the SPG office got tickets either! As we know how you’re feeling, we decided to comprise a list of top tips to help you overcome the disappointment of a lifetime.

1) Let your feelings out (we don’t know why, but somehow, we have a feeling you’ve already done this!)

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2) Realise that if you’re from Norwich – there’s a chance you’ll be able to hear the artists from the comfort of your own home and if you’re not – think about the money you just saved on petrol trying to get there.

3) Think about the weather. Yes, as it’s in May, chances are it will be sunny but there’s still a chance (albeit a small one) that it will rain all day and you’ll be glad you’re stuck inside anyway.

4) The view. You’d most likely be right at the back stuck behind someone whose 6ft tall. Quite frankly, a quick search on YouTube or a quick flick through the music channels would enable you get right up close and personal with the artist of your choice.

5) Ok, so we’re trying to convince ourselves we’re not that bothered. Like us, if you’re still dying to go to a festival this year – you’re in luck!

Here’s a list of some of the festivals you could go to:

  • V Festival
  • Glastonbury Festival
  • Isle of Wight Festival
  • Reading Festival

Luckily, like Radio 1’s Big Weekend, all these festivals have big acts performing, including; Ellie Goulding, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Mumford and Sons.

Ultimately, if you didn’t get tickets, we can understand you not being best pleased, but remember, there are other festivals you can go to this summer that will enable you to have just as much of a good time.

You’re welcome.

From the SPG team