It’s the latest ‘game changer’ in social media. It’s been developed and designed in London and Amsterdam, has a crazy name and it’s crazy good. That’s because baagloo is not just free, it actually pays you to use it.

Why and how do they do it?

Well, as you know social networks like Facebook and Twitter make loads of money from advertisers who want to reach you once you’re happily on board and ‘belted’ into your seats with all your photos and mates in place.

You create the content and the audience that makes advertisers flock to the sites, but you get none of the money that flows to the sites because of this.

Now Baagloo, unlike any other social network we know of, takes the advertisers money and shares it with you. They also share it with charities like Cancer Research.

Their clever software tracks every view your posts get and credits your account with ‘baaCoin’ which you exchange for cash on the site and app, paid to you via PayPal. You just go into the ‘Exchange’ when you’re ready and activate the conversion right there and then. Again their software takes care of everything from there.

All you have to do is stick or ‘gloo’ inspiring posts on the Glooboard.

These could really be about anything you and your friends and followers like and think worth sharing, but where baagloo really comes in handy is for finding local people, places, events, deals and things using their app on your mobile phone.

Using the geolocation services on the app you can use baagloo to share news of great places to go and meet; and share in the ad money this helps create at the same time.

You can search for ideas too of course, making baagloo a completely independent recommendation and location network.

Given you also share in the ad revenue and can actually make money from using it, we think it’s really the dream social network for students. Why don’t you try it out and let them know?

They are looking for feedback and stories from you to create a series of vlogs starring some of you to help spread the word (just sign up and email info@baagloo under the header ‘vlogs’).

As a special intro offer to readers of The Student Pocket Guide, baagloo are giving you a welcome 100 baaCoin plus the opportunity to become one of their first investors when they start raising money to expand via Crowd Funding.

All you need to do is download the app, sign up, and make your first post and you’ll get 100 baaCoin into your account. Hurry up though, as the offer is limited ‘while stocks last’.

You’ll also get the chance to become one of their first investors and register for your Preferential Investor membership code and alert for when their Crowd Funding goes live.

Founder, Dominic O’Meara, told us ‘baagloo is democratizing advertising and social networking.  We’re building the dream social network. We want all users to share in the immediate and the long term success of that dream.’

Check out their site at and their iOS App in the App Store.

There may be other social networks, but we think you’ll find plenty of reasons to stick to baagloo!