The spring season is finally beginning to arrive, and for many students throughout the U.K., this is a time to organise a quick warm-weather getaway. Depending on your school situation, there may not be time for a lengthy vacation or a trip to a remote destination; but rest assured, there are plenty of great options relatively nearby this time of year. So here’s a look at three amazing spring trip destinations to consider.

Marseille, France

The simplest destination if you’re just looking for somewhere warm is the south of France, which with strategic planning is accessible via a few quick train rides. The problem with it being so accessible to the U.K. is that even the south of France usually isn’t that warm by mid- to late-March. However, this is also what makes Marseille an appealing destination. Basically, it’s a seaside paradise where visitors can enjoy the location without necessarily needing to lay out on the beach or go swimming.

Indeed, many of the best attractions for vacationers in Marseille are more about the city, or the view, than the actual sea. Food and wine are naturally top-notch throughout the area, but it’s the numerous opportunities to get out and be active that will appeal to a lot of young tourists. Bike tours and sightseeing are popular with people visiting Marseille, and the Parc National des Calanques is a breathtaking destination for hiking and boating, with magical views best enjoyed simply by exploration. This is a theme you can apply to the greater Marseille area as well: it’s a wonderful place to spend some leisure time when the weather is just beginning to warm up. And for those looking for more of an adventure, the area is also known for high-quality diving. has some interesting information on the history and appeal of scuba in and around Marseille.

Malaga, Spain

Then again, if you really want to flee the UK for some early spring warmth, the south of Spain is the better option. In that vein, Malaga is an equally appealing and accessible destination. In addition to having affordable fares to the municipality, reveals that flights to Malaga take less than three hours from London. This sort of holiday travel package may just be the best way for students in the U.K. to reach a genuinely warm destination this early in the year!

And once you’re in Malaga, there’s plenty to do to fill your vacation time. As is the case in France, the food and wine is enough to keep you busy (with seafood being the standout), and a lot of Malaga’s top attractions often stray toward culinary pleasures: wine tastings, sightseeing tours mixed with tapas, and the like. And isn’t that all you really want in a spring travel destination? It’s beautiful, situated near the incredible beaches highlighted by travel blog, and overflowing with delicious food and wine. As for specific attractions, there’s also a unique, ancient Roman theatre right in the middle of the town, where live performances still take place.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Alternatively, you could always forego warmth altogether and head for one of the most entertaining mainland European cities that’s accessible on a student budget from the U.K.: Amsterdam. Frankly, even in Amsterdam, it’s more ideal to travel when it’s warm, because you’ll be better able to enjoy attractions like the city’s famous canals or its gorgeous city park. But at its heart, Amsterdam is a city built for comfort.

This is not to say it’s a vacation destination simply because of the infamous Red Light District or cannabis coffee shops. Rather, it’s just to highlight the fact that a lot of the best attractions are actually indoors. The Museum Quarter is arguably unmatched in any city in the world in its sheer volume of impressive collections of artwork and historical artifacts. The coffee shops and caf├ęs offer an incredible selection of local drinks and treats. And for those students who just want to take the party abroad for a little while, a tour of the flagship Heineken brewing factory is a must. If you want to stay relatively close to home, rather than set sail for a brighter sun, Amsterdam is a lovely spring travel destination.