Travelling and living abroad are certainly the two opportunities that you should definitely consider and that will enrich your life, experience and views on the world. There is no article, book, website or advice that can prepare you for your adventure. On the internet you can find hundreds of tips that are supposed to make your student life abroad easier. However, only someone who already went through all the tough and hard roads can give you useful information.

The most important thing you should learn before landing in the new country is that all the new people you will meet will have different nationalities from all over the world; they will come from different cultures and will have different backgrounds. It is crucial to remember that what is normal for you in terms of behavior, speech, acting and communication is maybe not appropriate for the other party, and vice versa. Assume difference before assuming similarity is a golden rule that would help you establish your connections and find new friends easier!

Immediately after you spend your first night abroad, away from your parents and familiar environment, you will realise the importance of being independent. Learning how to organise your days will become a vital part of the path to success. If you are used to receiving help for everything you need, you will have tough times living on your own. Therefore, try to be self-sufficient as much as you can before departing for the new destination, in order to make your stay as pleasant as possible. However, it will not only help you in your year abroad, it will be a lesson for life, which will give you an advantage and will make you more confident!

Apart from everything you will learn during your time away from home, there is something that you will notice after you come back. You will be different. You will have distinct vision on life and relationships with people, perception of the world and your surroundings. The experience you have gained will change you completely. All the adventures you will take, all the new people you will meet and all the stories you will have, will teach you unique lessons – how to deal with unexpected situations, how to find solution to problems, how to negotiate with people. This is knowledge that you should discover yourself, knowledge that will make you stronger and fearless.

No doubt, living abroad is the best experience you can gain. If you are not afraid of taking risks, losing everything, falling, getting up, learning and winning then you should definitely consider this adventure. It will not only make you wiser, it would broaden your horizons and change your mind set completely!