It’s official, everyone’s favourite caped crusaders are going to be taking to the big screen in the near future, in an ultimate battle of heroes. In the blue corner, Batman, the geezer from Gotham, serving justice to bad guys in the form of a cave mammal. In the red, Superman, the Krypton cult icon, using his flight and speed to save the day.

The brand new, sneak preview shows a twenty second snippet of the movie to come, clarifying that the picture isn’t just a myth. Although the video is a mere teaser, we witness the in depth details notched into the costumers, as well as a foreshadowed grit and dark tone. With a stereotypical, hype building score, the looming boom of the siren builds suspense and what’s more, hype to the much anticipated movie.

So what are we likely to see from the film? It’s already said that Ben Affleck will be playing Bruce Wayne and Jesse Eisenburg will be Lex Luthor, but what about the story line? As is always the case, the production team are keeping us on a cliffs edge and with that in mind, they’ve dropped a date for the next piece of the puzzle, the 20th of April.

Only released a matter of hours ago, the teaser trailer is a short but exciting affair and if you’re yet to catch it, you can witness the suit action unfold below…