At last, the day has arrived! This morning, one of the world’s leading technology companies finally released their new product. At just gone midnight, Apple launched their brand new watch. Now customers are able to book an appointment in store to try the device out for themselves. The watch has been long-awaited for by many Apple fans and as expected, majority of models have already sold out. Although the watch has received a mostly positive reception, we couldn’t help but notice some of the more witty reactions.

Here are our top five amusing tweets about Apples latest investment:

1. American comedian, Ellen DeGeneres was quick to post this humorous tweet

2. One of our personal favourites…

3. Ricky Gervais seemed to think his iPhone was doing the job just fine!

4. What’s our excuse going to be now?

5. We can see his point, but we know this isn’t the case for all apple watcher wearers out there