Suit up, grab some ammo and let the battle commence. The critically acclaimed, gaming giant, Call of Duty has revealed its next November release and its going ‘Back in Black’.

After sneaking through the shadows and stealthy posting snippets, Treyarch have launched a fresh reveal trailer and there are hints at more to come. The makers of the cult classics ‘World at War’ and ‘Black Ops’ deployed the sixty second video earlier this week and in true CoD style, left us hanging for information.

The main thing to grasp from the preview is that we are definitely heading back to the days of Mason and his men, with ‘Black Ops 3’ being the main title. With whispers of games gone by, the encrypted transmission see’s a human figure engulfed in code. As the camera pan’s round, an audio of a ghostly past echo’s and you hear ‘the number’s mason, what do they mean?’ as well as a deathly ‘everything you know is wrong’.

What could this mean? Is the mastermind behind the franchise spinning us another line to a story untold? Are we looking at a prequel to the sequence? One thing’s for sure more is to be unveiled. On April 26th, a hype fuelled ‘world reveal’ is launching from their headquarters and it’ll get all you button basher’s drooling.

Three years since the last in the ‘Black Ops’ series, the third is hopefully going to keep some of our fan favourites. Who can forget mulling around a mini ‘NukeTown’, totting enemies down with an AK-74u. Not only that, but this franchise gave birth to the beauty of the ‘Wager Match’. An all or nothing, high roller feature which saw players gamble away their hard earned CoD credits. From ‘Gun Game’ to ‘One in The Chamber’, the collective kept us entertained for hours on end.

Lastly, surely this has to be the deserved return of ‘Zombies’. Even if you’re not the biggest of fanatics, you’d have spent countless hours slashing through waves of the un-dead. Packing a punch to your random weapon was always an ultimate reward and who can forget those pesky Monkey Bombs. Keep your fingers crossed for more of the same.

Making new memories and regenerating some old, the men over at Treyarch have struck a real gold mine and we can’t wait to see what they have in store. With an annual November drop on the horizon, ‘Black Ops 3’ will be the first of the next generation and keeping that in mind this is going to be stunning. If you’re yet to catch the reveal teaser, take a peak here…