Behold, the BAFTA TV bonanza is beckoning on the horizon and there is some superb stars lined up to bag some awards.

Fresh from the British spotlight, your favourite actors and actress’ have been slugging it out on screen to earn votes for the past year and it’s without doubt, there has been some real drama.

As well as the cast, we can’t forget the producers and writers who fuel themselves on a daily basis to deliver these breathtaking stories. These men and women behind the scenes have been digging into the powerful depths of the human mind, delivering some of the most creative and capturing entertainment to date.

From dramas to documentaries, to comedy and entertainment, only the elite will be stepping up onto to bright stage to grasp the golden face. On Sunday May 10th 2015, you’ll be able to tune in and watch the glitz and glamour unfold; expect sparkles and champagne flowing from table to table.

Nominee’s to be mentioned have to be Olivia Colman, being nominated for a fourth year in a row; this multi skilled actress is running the line for ‘Best Female in a Comedy Programme’ in her performance in ‘Rev’. As well as that, you have two titans of Netflix coming up head to head in a heated battle to be crowned ‘Best International Show’. Watch on and witness, as the prison cell princess’ of ‘Orange is the New Black’ look to remove Kevin Spacey from ‘House of Cards’ oval office. Don’t vote too quickly though, as ‘True Detective’ and ‘The Good Wife’ will be steaming through to claim the glory.

The one award that people look out for every year is the battle of the soaps and by that we don’t mean Imperial Leather vs. Dove, we mean ‘Best ongoing British drama’. A stellar year from Eastenders saw the nation glued to the Square as the astounding ‘whodunnit’ anniversary panned out. On the other hand, Corrie and Co. won’t go down whistling as they’ve drawn a strong set too.

It’s undeniable that British television is soaring high and by the looks of things, it’s only getting bigger, so we’re expecting massive things in the future to come. In the meantime keep your votes coming in and help your hero get their reward.