Lay around lawyer Jimmy McGill against slippery Saul Goodman, which one do you prefer? As the last episode of Vince Gilligan’s ‘Better Call Saul’ was released to the public this past Tuesday, we saw the critically acclaimed series come to cliffhanging end.

The tiresome journey of young Jimmy told the beginnings of a hustler, a criminal and what’s more importantly, a man of the law. From the days of slipping Jimmy to beloved baby brother, the lesser McGill was on a constant struggle to impress, and the climb never got any easier.

Pulling on the heart strings and leaving you in belly laughs, Vince Gilligan has crafted a true, entertainment masterpiece, leaving many viewers whispering echoes of ‘better than Breaking Bad’. The intertwining of old faces threw fans back for this prequel, making the eye’s water for more and the cleverest character yet had to be Mike’s revival.

Mr. Ehrmantraut, the hitman you should hate but can only feel love for. A guy that only does what’s professionally correct and rarely breaks a sweat, Mike’s past is no one to be envied. The ‘Better Call Saul’ flashback shows a scorned man in a neo-noir setting, punished by demons of his previous career. Knowing too much seems to be the problem and Mike takes matters into his own hands. Without saying too much for spoilers, the decisions pretty much path his future life.

Back to the wannabe lawyer James ‘Jimmy’ McGill’, it seems his life got on top of him all too much and after being pied off by his brother, the downward spiral began. A man who struggles through his daily chores, striving to become a real lawyer, he could only take so much and with that pressing his brain, he loses it. In the midst of a bingo bonanza, with a string of ‘B’ lettered balls, Jimmy drops out and this is in literal sense. Throwing the microphone down in esque of Alex Turner at The Brits, Jim rants to a crowd of OAP’s about why his life has spiralled, then leading him back to his sneaky alter ego, Slippin’ Jimmy in Chicago.

Cutting the last sequence of the series out, a series of unfortunate events occurs making, who is to become Saul Goodman, question his decisions. He throws back and forth the opportunities on which he could have chosen the morally wrong solution and where it could have taken him, to then walking off screen in, what can only be presumed as a sequel cliff hanger. This is the birth of Saul Goodman and the death of Jimmy Mcgill. From ambition fuelled to outlaw lawyer and hustler, make sure it’s ‘aul good man.

Dare we say the beauty and story of this divinely shot show is bolder than Breaking Bad? That’s for you to decide. One thing is for sure, ‘Better Call Saul’ is a solid ten out of ten, must watch. So if you haven’t had a chance to catch the drama so far, you can watch all the episodes now on Netflix.