Brace yourself, winter is coming. Flying back to our screens less than a week today, the HBO blockbuster, Game of Thrones, is returning with a fifth season and yet even more Westeros astonishment.

Highly anticipated and long awaited, the battle for the Iron Throne continues and from the looks of the sneak previews, no one is holding back. Over a year since series four, many things have changed but fear not, as the famous fantasia still holds its glorious style and yes, even more dragons.

With a death count larger than the land of the Seven Kingdoms (456 people in four series to be precise), the latest line up of episodes will leave you peeping through your fingers and squirming in your seats; The Viper’s gory downfall last year still keeps us up at night. So saddle upon horseback and draw your swords, as this is going to pose an epic journey.

Cliff-hanger’s will be crumbled as we’ll see previous favourites stun the screen; from the lonesome Stark’s to the ever present Lannister’s, not forgetting the blood brave Jon Snow. However, trailers have hinted towards some fresh faces in the House Families and after series four’s unsolved mysteries, these characters could play vital roles in the Kingdom.

Threatening not only to take back what is rightfully hers, but to ‘Break the wheel’; Daenerys Targaryen has a plan up her sleeve and it spells war. After centuries of preparation, the birth of dragons and building an army, the blonde bombshell is ready for a ruckus and the Iron Throne could be hers in no time.
Can Tyrion out run his family and his demons? Will he ever learn to love again? Will the Wildlings tear down the Nights Watch or can Jon Snow prove the man of the moment again? And finally can Sansa break away from little fingers charm? All that we know is we can’t wait for series five and with its release next Monday, that’s six restless nights.

If you are yet to catch the latest trailer and the mother of Dragon’s stating her power, you can check it out here…