5. Petyr Baelish

It’s no wonder this guy has a mocking bird stapled on his chest. Petyr Baelish is not only the master of mockery, but as his ‘Little Finger’ nickname hints, he has his mitts in every segment of the Seven Kingdoms. It’s similar to the Kevin Bacon theory, everyone has a link to Baelish somewhere and it’s not surprising considering his devious dealings. Blessed with the gift of the gab, he’s never been one to be trusted and if you do, never turn your back as you could end up with a knife in it. With whispers of secrets echoing across the land, he knows everyone’s weakness and can cut you from the hierarchy with one swift order. Since the dawn of series one, Petyr always had a way with the Starks, but as time has gone by, we know that was for two reasons; Love and betrayal.

4. Ayra Stark

When you are brought up through the death and destruction of your family, it’s impossible not to learn to fend for yourself. Young Ayra was exposed to pure violence and hatred from such an early age, you can only feel sorry for her and when she pulls her ‘Needle’ out upon foes, you get a sense of satisfaction. Spending most of the series fleeing for her life, she tot’s up a list of names she is going to wipe clean from Westeros and you hope as a viewer she finish’s every one. From the time she’s riding with the Hound, to her lone wondering days, Ayra has just gone from strength to strength. You can’t help but gaining an overwhelmed love for her.

3. Daneyrs Targaryen

The Mother of Dragons and the true ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Series five will see another huge leap forward for this Queen and with her army now in full swing, she’s going to tear down some walls. Always under the thumb of the men around her, Dany has built her strength from within and since the passing of her man Drogo, she’s taken on his power too. Probably the biggest character transformation in the whole of the Thrones collective, Dany now has the ability to ‘Break the Wheel’ as she once said, as well as push forward to build an empire. Watch this space; we are predicting huge things for this leading lady.

2. Jon Snow

Female or male, how can you not love Jon Snow? With a past still unwritten, this son of Eddard Stark has proven himself as a relentless warrior, willing to go to any length’s to protect the North. Held up as a member of the Night’s Watch, Jon makes viewers gain an ultimate respect to the battle hardened crow’s and what’s more, knows that the truth is ‘Winter is Coming’. Breaking from the nest, Jon snuck out on an adventure deep into the Wildling paths and in that, he fell in love. After forcibly having to walk away from Egret, he continued his path in the Night’s Watch and repeatedly got shunned. Little do the general’s know, but this man is the true future of the brotherhood.

1. Tyrion Lannister

Call him what you want, The Imp, Half man or just the lesser Lannister. Tyrion is truly the character that will touch everyone’s heart’s and undeniably, leave you to admire him. His younger brother shares a similar affection to that of his close friends, however the rest of his family are not so keen. Keeping a knowledge and humour that is more powerful than the average Joe, Tyrion is constantly striving to receive a deserved respect, but in the world they live in, being a dwarf isn’t one of the latter. Thrown into prison as well as into combat, this Lannister will always pay his debts and let’s not forget, he makes you smile when the chips are down. We just hope that one day he can find someone that love’s him for being Tyrion.

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