Are you craving the ultimate chin carpet but just can’t seem to strain through the stubble? Don’t worry, we’re here to enhance your chances of gaining that glorious beard.

Since the dawn of man, facial hair has been the pinnacle of masculinity and what’s more, one of the things that sets us aside from our female companions. Now, in the year 2015, the craze and trend that has been revived around the bristles has boomed, seeing nearly every man and his dog walking around with a furry face.

We’ve come up with some top tips you can use to work wonders on your face and grow a beard quicker than grass on a field, and here they are…


Now, I understand leading a student lifestyle can mean you have one of the most anti-nutritional diets going, but these are the vitamins that keep us healthy. To further the development of your facial hair, you should try to maintain as much of a healthy diet as possible, which means balanced meals with a selection of vegetables that have been properly prepared. As well as this, head down to your local supermarket or pharmacy and pick up some crucial beard boosting vitamins. These mainly include vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E and by taking these, you’re effectively stimulating and strengthening your immune system, generating more beard growth. Water is always a valuable element, so make sure you get your daily recommendations.

Let it Grow!

No, that’s not a pun on the ‘Frozen’ anthem; it’s another key point to bulging the brush. One thing men often do when growing a beard is give up. It’s very important not to though, as if you struggle through the patchy wall of doom, you’ll eventually pull through to a full face of fuzz. You may get the odd comment here and there, but after four weeks of struggle, you’ll notice a steep increase. If it starts to look scruffy, trim it slightly and keep it neat, but from the first day forward, drive your way to becoming the king of Beardom.


Nurture your chin as though it were your baby. This is your pride and joy, it’s yours, you own it and you should care for it. Caress your skin and hair with shampoos and cosmetics; keep up to date with moisturising and buy the much recommended oils, these will only help. You should also maintain your stress levels to keep in the beard zone. Stress will only cause negativity to your own well-being and in the long run, be a downer on every aspect of life, not just your beard.

Work it

Work with what you’ve got. Not every human being is blessed with the ability to seed a chin strap, so appreciate what you have. Style your stubble to a precise pin point and hit the trend on its head. Sometimes this looks better than a bush, so trim it with trial and error.

So, with all these tips in mind, you can now grasp your palm round your face foliage and grow some bristle. Remember – nutrition, care, determination and style.