Wahoo! The Uni holidays have nearly arrived. After another term of endless hard work and dedication (mixed in with the occasional bit of socialising of course) it’s about time you had a well-earned rest. After not seeing them for months, you’re actually quite excited about going home and reacquainting yourself with your long-lost family and friends. The thought of having three months off is pure bliss, but what are the disadvantages of uni holidays and having such a long time away from university life?

1. Your handwriting
After having three months off, your handwriting will barely look recognisable. It feels like your hand no longer works and letters resemble scribbles more than they do words. Writing a sentence takes a huge amount of effort and concentration – let alone penning down an hours’ worth of lecture notes.

2. Your ability to carry out chores
‘How much washing powder do I need?’ ‘How much rice do I need to cook?’ All these questions you’d finally learnt the answer to by the end of last term, will be at the forefront of your mind again come September. Mum spoils you over the summer because she hasn’t seen you for so long and suddenly you feel as though you’ve lost your ability to wash and cook correctly. Such a shame, as you were just beginning to feel like the next Mary Berry. Back to square one!

3. Your ability to make adult (sensible) decisions
Back at home you don’t need to rely on your own common sense because your parents will happily make those important decisions for you. Fundamentally, you’re their pride and joy; so naturally, they think they know what’s best. Once you return to Uni, you begin to doubt your own judgements and those once long-gone daily phone calls to mum come back with a vengeance.

 4. Your routine
Over the holidays you could party for as long as you wanted without having to worry about those dreaded 9am lectures. Once back at Uni you find your body is no longer accustomed to getting in at 3am and having to be out of the house at half past 8. Not to worry though – with some dedicated training this should sort itself out in no time, few!

5. Your sense of home
Constantly switching between two different locations is seriously confusing. Now Easter breaks arrived, part of you doesn’t want to go home but when you’re back at Uni in September; part of you will wish you’re back at home again. It’s strange being away from Uni for so long and you can’t help but feel a bit like the alien you did when you were initially dropped off in your first semester of year one.  You’ll be pleased to hear however, that you’ll soon feel at ease again after a couple of hours.

6. Your brain power
Not having to think for 12 weeks means you feel as though your brains turned to mush. You’ve forgotten how to write a comprehensive essay and how to reference correctly. All those great ideas you use to come up with for group projects are non-existent and you begin to wonder whether you’ve ever attended university at all.

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