We all know students love to play pranks on each other most of the time anyway, so who really needs one day as an excuse to have a good laugh at your friends expense? However, seeing as playing practical jokes on your pals is probably a regular occurrence, we figured you might benefit from being given a few new ideas.

Here are our Top Five witty April Fools Day tricks to use on your poor unsuspecting mates:

1. The Mouse Mishap
It’s coming to the end of the Uni term and that can only mean one thing… DEADLINES. Your fellow co-workers are bound to be spending hours in the library frantically trying to complete that essay that they should’ve started weeks ago. Even though they’re probably stressed, they’re still a student, which means they’d happily welcome any form of distraction. Once you’ve got their attention, get your alliance to quickly place a piece of masking tape over their computer mouse’s sensor. When they turn back to their screen, briefly enjoy the panic on their face as they think their computer has stopped working, which may result in them losing all their hard-earned work!

2. The Snack Shock
Students love to snack at the best of times, let alone when deadlines are looming. The stress of writing 2000 words, or trying to force yourself to sift through pages of revision notes for that upcoming exam, is enough to make anyone turn to the cupboard. A well-loved favourite for most students is Oreo’s. Their crunchy chocolate surface combined with their creamy centre makes them undeniably addictive… or so you would think! That creamy centre could easily be replaced by some not so tasty toothpaste! Watch the confused look on your pals face, as suddenly their beloved Oreo doesn’t taste quite as pleasant as it used to. (We recommend not doing this with all of their biscuits though – that’s just mean!)

3. The Bathroom Blunder
Toilet breaks are pretty essential when you’re in the midst of writing an assignment. How frustrating would it be if you ended up having to wait minutes, or even hours because someone just won’t get off the loo? Hang a pair of jeans off the toilet seat, along with a pair of shoes at the bottom. Giggle away as your flatmates moan that someone’s been in the bathroom for way too long.

4. The Deadlock Door
Writing essays isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of fun – it usually involves being cooped up in your room for hours on end with no communication with anyone whatsoever. Unsurprisingly, by the end of your study session, you’re dying to break free from social confinement and speak to just about anyone you can find. How horrifying would it be if they couldn’t get out of their room? Tie a piece of string tightly to the doors of two Uni rooms which are opposite one another. Knock on both of the doors and quietly chuckle as your mates attempt to figure out why they’re unable to open their doors!

5. The Lazy Option
Too busy studying? Or maybe you simply just can’t be bothered. This one’s definitely for the can’t-be-arsed amongst you! You’ll be pleased to hear that this stunt requires no equipment and zero preparation time. Simply say to your housemates or friends around campus, ‘’April Fools!’’, even though you haven’t actually pranked them! Relish at the confused look on their faces as they desperately try to work out what you’ve done.

Have you been at the receiving end of an unfortunate April Fool? Why not tweet us @TheSPG or write a comment on our Facebook page – we’d love to hear from you!

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