Wow, what a weekend! All of us here @TheSPG hope you had a great bank holiday. Perhaps you decided to indulge in one of our ‘Top 5 Easter Eggs for 2015’ or maybe you had ago at our cute ‘Easter Bunny Nails’ – whatever you opted for, we hope you enjoyed your four days off as much as we did.

Unfortunately, after a short but blissful break, it’s time to face reality once again and back to work we go! Missing your relaxing, chocolate-filled weekend already? In that case, you may be very envious of Danny Lambo’s girlfriend, Natasha Flynn. To make Easter egg-tra special for his other half, Danny commissioned a bespoke chocolate running bath. The bath tub can be filled with chocolate in ten minutes and can hold up to 205 litres, which equates to 1.3 million calories!

Found this has wet your appetite? You’ll be pleased to hear the chocolate bath is available on request for a small £10,000.

Check it out here:

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