There’s no doubt about it, the ‘Friday Feeling’ is quite a severe illness. It effects pretty much 99.9% of the population and hits you from the moment you wake up on a Friday morning, right up until 5 o’clock when the working day ends. So have you got the ‘Friday Feeling’ bug? See if you have any of these symptoms…

1. Getting out of bed this morning was justified by the, ‘only one more day to get through’ thought
2. You’ve said something along the lines of, ”Thank god its Friday” to multiple people
3. You’ve daydreamed about your weekend countless of times
4. You treated yourself to lunch
5. Uninteresting people have suddenly become very interesting
6. You’ve done even less work than you usually do, which means you’ve pretty much done nothing
7. You’ve found absolutely anything and everything distracting, including the dust on your keyboard
8. You’ve decided to buy a lottery ticket, so there’s a slim chance you won’t have to return to work on Monday

We’re guessing after reading those, you’ve now confirmed to yourself that you definitely have the ‘Friday feeling’ flu. Not to worry though, we can assure you that when 5pm strikes, all your symptoms will mysteriously disappear… until next Friday that is.