It’s international dance day and in celebration to that, the office at SPG has put on its disco shoe’s to tell you guy’s how to cut some shapes in 2015. Back in the day we’ve had legends like Elvis owning the jail house rock, MJ sliding to the moonwalk and let’s not forget, the fabulous YMCA, but in this day in age we have some genuine dance floor gems.

This feature is going to be running down the ultimate guide to getting your groove on in the 21st century and in that, you’ll be the king or queen of the club. Kiss goodbye the days of old where you used to get shunted for your shallow attempts because now you’re going to be opening up the floor and leaving your peers stunned.

The Twerk
Who would’ve thought that a sweet young starlet gracing the Disney Channel as Hannah Montana could turn into such a partying devil? Miley Cyrus brought us this crazy stunt fresh from some MTV music awards and it hasn’t died down since. Grinding your booty in the air, whilst face down towards the ground, the twerk is a signature move that’ll see the opposite sex come crawling all corners and with that, will hypnotise them into a flesh fuelled daze. Try this one out if you don’t believe us, we always hit up our home club’s with a cheeky twerk.

Leathal Bizzle’s Dance Tracks
This UK grime don is slowly beginning to mould his way into dance craze euphoria by showcasing some seriously catchy moves. Originally kicking off with the track ‘Rari Workout’, Leathal B has been pumping his way to trending history and he’s set the nation on fire with his easy to follow, toe tappers. His latest masterpiece is by far our favourite though, as the grime man has come through with something that’s both genius and hilarious in the same measures. ‘Fester Skank’ will get you up and jiving like you’re fresh from the Adams Family set and it’s no doubt, you’ll have your mates in stitches. The aim is to act as zombie like as possible and be creative with it; you can match your jerks to the beat of music and you’ll make some seriously hilarious shapes.

Limp Limbs
Simple, yet an affective, limp limb is a move that we adore and that’s because it’s so easy to do. Literally throw yourself on the dance stage, tilt your head back, drop your arms as though you can’t control them and flap like a fish out of water. Previously seen in QPR’s midfielder Leroy Fer’s wedding dance routine, limp limp has been taking the student dance hall by a storm and it’s undeniable you’ll turn a few head’s with this one. Why not go that extra mile and get your pal to help you pull it off? Have him throw you a line (imaginary fishing rod), then you’ll bite as he or she struggles to reel in the killer catch!

Uptown Funk
This is that ice cold, Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold, this one, for them hood girls, them good girls, straight masterpieces. You know what it is; I can already see you tapping along to the beat now. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. This banger is the ultimate toe tapper and it goes without question, that every time this comes on, you start jiving. Setting no real dance style, ‘Uptown Funk’ gives you the freedom to let the rhythm flow through your body making you want to move. We normally end up jamming along to this with our sunglasses on, finger snapping whilst flicking out some cool-as-cucumber jerked movements. Take your summer hats off to the hero that is Mr. Mars, as this is going to be one for the season and with that, the DJ’s favourite track.

Queen B
How could we write a feature about dancing without mentioning the queen of music herself? Beyonce has been stacking songs in the charts for the past decade and to coincide, she’s brought some bootylicious moves too. I have never met a person who hasn’t openly (or secretly in their bedroom) attempted to recreate the ‘Single Ladies’ jive and it doesn’t matter what sex you are. The woman is an inspiration and her irresistible, teasing dances are just something we all want to recreate. If you like it, then you should definitely put a ring on it, so take this cult classic to the club and regenerate some history.

So that’s it, if you want to impress and make some serious waves in a club full of amateurs, throw some of our nostalgic shapes to get some attention. Fair enough, some people may look in disgust, but do they know the true skill of these defined artistries? Check out that famous video of QPR’s Leroy Fer perfecting a routine at his wedding below…