So this week saw the annual London marathon pass and if you’re anything like us, you probably sat at home with a cup of tea and biscuits as the poor souls sweated their way to the finish.

Well fear not because in these next few top tips, we are going to (try and) get you fit and ready for next year’s twenty six miler faster than you can say ‘Paula Radcliffe’. It’s time to get those legs pumping, dump off the junk food and convince yourself to witness the fitness because YOU CAN DO IT!

Step One to Marathon Glory: Food Glorious Food
Ditch them dirty takeaways! Friday night crops up and all you have on your mind is stuffing your face with a cheese fest of pepperoni pizza. Well not anymore, it’s time to swap that tasty treat for a meal full of nutrients and glory; a real meal with the ingredients of a champion. Balance it out and enjoy the best of the healthy life by making a tongue tingling, pasta dish. Try something not too heavy on the carbs with a neat dosage of protein, enough to give you the energy to go the distance. Just look at Mo Farrah for instance; he doesn’t go about advertising having a four-in-the-morning kebab does he?

Step Two to Marathon Glory: Witness the Fitness
Throw on your shorts because it’s time to get physical. Sign up for that gym membership that’s been bugging in your brain since the New Year and with that, it’s time to get into a routine. Take yourself for a cheeky run around the park because in just under twelve month’s time, you’ll be indulging into a glorious twenty six miles. It’s important to get the amount of cardio to muscular work outs right as this could prove vital to your final performance and bear in mind not to skip leg day; we don’t want you walking about like a buffalo on stilts. So get in the gym, take the dog for a walk and you’ll smash the marathon in no time (maybe).

Step Three to Marathon Glory: Technique
There are a few tricks to the trade, as in many things, it’s all about the technique. When the cameras are nowhere near you, stop and walk, its okay, no one will ever know, but as soon as you see that hawk eye lens hit you, run like the wind bullseye! Not only that, you’ll have to plan your snack breaks and types of treat you have. It’s no good whipping out your favourite choccy bar as a ‘good boy’ incentive, you have to get on the hard stuff and by this we mean fuel. Water is normally a great idea, so we highly advise stopping in a brewery for a swift glass of wine on route, no matter how good it sounds. Finally, be sure to get some morale support and you’ve got to reward your efforts at the end, no matter how hard you tried.

Step Four for Marathon Glory: SPONSORS! It’s for Charity
The thought of changing someone’s life is always uplifting and boosting, so while you’re out, try and gain as many sponsors as you can because you can make a difference. No matter what cause you choose, it all goes a long way, so keep this is the back of your mind through training, running and winning. Finish alone makes you a winner in yourself but helping out makes you a true champion.

So there we have it, our four steps to unfaultable marathon success. Next year, we’ll be watching out for you whilst we feast on our bourbon creams, so good luck!