Many of us struggle with motivation at the best of times, let alone on a Monday Morning. Urgh, another five whole days to get through before we can enjoy the weekend. Dragging ourselves out of bed, painfully sitting in rush hour traffic, forcing an interested face when listening to that friends anything-but-interesting story, continuing with the same mundane tasks and clock watching by the minute – a standard Monday summed up for many of us. However, the truth is (and this might surprise some of you) Monday’s going to happen whether you want it to or not, therefore you might as well try to embrace it. Here are our top tips to get you excited for the week(end) ahead…

1. Attitude
Yes, we’re talking to you, diva. If you’re dreading Monday and believe that it’s going to be horrendous, chances are, it will be! You’ve got a negative outlook, therefore you’re going to see everything in a negative light. Try seeing things more positively. Waking up in the morning gives you a routine. Ever noticed that having a lie in may be nice, but that it usually leaves you feeling guilty because you’ve wasted most of your day? Getting up early makes you feel good, especially when the sun is shining. That boring friend that irritates you – what do you like about them? Those boring mundane tasks – are they really that bad? Change your mindset.

2. Behaviour 
It’s not just about attitude. Your attitude also has to match your behaviour. You can’t just think positive, you also have to do positive. Play an uplifting song, dance around in your bedroom or sing at the top of your voice. Who cares if someone sees you through the window? Do random acts of kindness. Flash your big white sparklers and smile, do a friend a favour, donate some change to a homeless person – people will be grateful and you’ll feel good in yourself too.

3. Gratitude 
Appreciate what you have. Many of us are miserable and lack motivation because we’re so focused on what we don’t have, instead of what we do have. Take a few minutes each day to be thankful for what’s already in your life. This will motivate you to achieve more and chances are, you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

4. Health
Ok, so this ones a bit boring and you’ve probably heard it all before but there’s a reason why it’s mentioned so often – because it’s true. Looking after your health makes you feel different. You feel physically good in yourself and therefore, are more motivated. Go to bed a bit earlier, eat breakfast, drink water regularly, have a shower to make you feel refreshed – look after your body. A healthy body helps create healthier, more positive thoughts, including more (you’ve guessed it) m-o-t-i-v-a-t-i-o-n!

5. Personal
It has to be all about you. What motivates one person, won’t necessarily motivate another. Don’t go along the motivational strategies of others just because you’ve seen it work for them – think me, me, me! Has revision become so boring that it’s almost unbearable? Revise outside, study with friends, or have some Pringle’s on your desk. However, you must remember to discipline yourself. Said you’re going to have a Pringle after every 5 lines of your essay you write but end up having one after every 5 words, then it’s not going to work. Your rewards also need to be realistic. Decided that after an hour of revision you’ll pop and see Beyonce? Probably not going to happen. Make them achievable.

There we have it! All your Monday Motivation sorted. Now go and radiate some of that positivity to all those Miserable Monday folk…

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