You may not believe it but ten years ago to this day was the birth of an internet sensation; a phenomenon so big that it changed the way that we procrastinated forever, and with that, the way we witnessed video.

Hatching from a small corner of the web, YouTube sprung its first ever production, an eighteen second clip named ‘me at the zoo’, made by Jawed Karim, one of the sites co-founders. The visual saw Jawed recording some elephants at the zoo and now, ten years on, you could probably find the same video dubbed and slashed with some frantic edits.

From the dawn of YouTube, we’ve frazzled our brains with some very unique clips. Everything from ‘Charlie bit me’ to a cat playing a piano, the king of videos has it all. Not only entertainment, the site posts some great educational videos and is a key place to showcase some of your talent. It’s said that in the year 2015, You Tuber’s upload a massive 300 hours of footage every minute!

So what better way to celebrate YouTube’s tenth birthday, than by putting up their most viewed video of all time? Get your dancing shoes on and your glam-glasses ready because it’s time for some ‘Gangnam Style’…