The summer of love has a brand new edition coming this September and it’s one to get your skin tingling with euphoria. Freshening up the festival experience, Bestival have unveiled a brand new area in the form of Slow Motion and you’ll have your head in the clouds with this mind/body connection.

The kaleidoscope stage has been raved by chief, Rob da Bank and here is what he had to say “I’m more excited about our new Slow Motion festival within a festival, than I have been about a new area at Bestival for years. Add to that the fact that Mrs da Bank has invented a new, insanely cool audio-visual stage called The Kaleidoscope, and I’m ready to pop… The Kaleidoscope will be populated by a mix of the best ambient, electronica and chill-out DJs known to man, offset by folk, soul, psychedelia and new wave electronic rhythms. Prepare to get horizontal and vertical all at the same time”

As of the psychotropic stage, you’ll be able to hypnotise your eyes with the astounding, unique graphics and not only that, the weekend with be full of mesmerising music too. Let your limbs on the loose and kick out to this year’s woozy beat professionals in the form of 47Soul, Alice Jemima, Andy Votel presents Twisted Nerve, Badow, CoCo and the Butterfields with loads more in store too!

So whether you’re watching the night fall at in a chill out feel or you’re waking up to a morning shake down, you do not want to miss out on this latest addition. Bestival is only going to get bigger and if you want to be a part of its growing history, grab a ticket at