This coming Thursday, Mad Max is embarking onto a furious, dust filled road in a frantic journey that’ll see action, explosions and much, much more! In a modern day reboot like no other, Mad Max: Fury Road is showcasing some of the best acting talent to date, including the superlative, Tom Hardy and the beautiful, Charlize Theron and with that, you’ll see the guy’s in an apocalyptic landscape unlike anything they are used too.

With humanity stripped down to its bare bones and insanity at an all time high, this wasteland is no place for the faint hearted. Blood is going to be spilled, petrol will be burnt and sand will be shredded, so shut your eyes and hold on tight because Max is going to be a bumpy road.

The plot goes along with the two main rebels trying to outrun an army of psychotic thugs, in order to try to restore faith and order in the severely turbulent planet as they know it. There’s Max, the hard hitting, silent type; he goes through anything to punish those for the death of his wife and child in the aftermath of the chaos. And there is Furiosa, a strengthened woman on a whirlwind tornado to survival, a woman who believes that a passage to her homeland could release her of great demons. Both of which, team up, lock and load and slam their foot on the gas to save the planet once and for all.

Over thirty years since the original, Mad Max has hit a home run with its unique steam punk style, and now with the glorious use of technology, this is looking be one of the films of the year. On Thursday the 14th of May, you should buckle up into a cinema seat and watch the fury unfold, but one thing’s for sure, keep hold of that popcorn. If you’re yet to catch any of the shrapnel from the trailer, check it out below and be sure not miss out…