Truly marvellous! See what I did there? When you have to top the third highest grossing film ever, it’s likely you’d have to pull a small miracle out of the bag to succeed with it’s sequel. Joss Whedon however, failed to disappoint when he re-assembled the dream team to protect the world for oncoming evils.

When Tony Stark initiates a dormant peacekeeping program of his own creation, things head south pretty rapidly, instead shaping dangerous Artificial Intelligence known as Ultron and it’s once again up to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to save the world from imminent and certain destruction.

Vividly and intense action sequences reel in the viewers and though it seems unlikely, you won’t want to blink out of fear for missing something. The all-star ensemble returning for another bout with evil, each portrayed their characters with precision, passion and perfectly timed humour. Jeremy Renner shined in his performance as Clint Barton with some much deserved screen time, as we gain insight into what it’s like to be the least-super member of a superhero team and shedding light on the secret life of Hawkeye.

The casting of Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen as the Maximoff Twins, know to many as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, formed new dynamics within the core team and revealed undisclosed secrets. Not to mention the addition of their undeniably kick-ass super powers. As Maria Hill so gracefully puts it, “He’s fast and she’s weird”.
Whedon gets straight to the point and straight to the action. Despite this, Age of Ultron is inconceivably delicate, dramatically creative and well worth the eight pound cinema ticket. And another cinema ticket. And perhaps even another.

Disclosure: Post movie side effects can include but are not limited to; obsessive fangirling, uncontrollable giggling, praising of the lord that Joss Whedon exists and realistic fantasies of becoming a superhero.

By Kirsty Walkington