Today see’s the release of one of the most highly anticipated horror movies to date and ‘Unfriended’ is definitely changing the genre to how we know it.

An extremely clever storyline relates to the problems that everyone associates with social networking today and with that, the cyber bullies get bitten back. Without revealing too much, the overall outline of the story see’s one girl go through the whirl wind of online attacks after a video of her drunken miss-happenings was posted live. From that, the victimised, youngster then decides to take her own life and this is where the horror begins.

In the following year, on the anniversary of her death, her ex-colleagues and bullies are in for the fright of their lives and it’s no doubt, there will be no mercy. In true paranormal style, the supernatural begins to unfold and you can almost guess what’s in store. Blood, frights, jump-scares and more, you’re certainly going to be flicking through the internet with both eyes open after you’ve watched this.

Touching the hearts of the trending today, this is not only a horror story but a morale lesson to the online troll’s. More than anything, it’s a brutal calling of that old saying ‘Karma’, so treat everyone as you want others to treat you. So if you’re yet to make any plan’s for this bank holiday weekend, check out this film and you can watch the trailer below…