Hi Charlie! We absolutely love Kiss Breakfast over here at the Student Pocket Guide; it’s a brilliant way to kick off the morning! How’s everything going for you?
Yeah, really good! Very busy! I’ve got the breakfast show, the DJing is doing really well and with the music side, we’ve got some tracks lined up waiting to be released within the next few months, so yeah, really good. I’d go mad if I wasn’t busy.

Great! You must have to get up at the crack of dawn to be in the studio? That’s serious dedication; some students are probably getting in when you start work.
Ohh! Normally it’s about four o’clock; sometimes it’s before that, but yeah normally four o’clock.

Ha! Do you know what, I’m so used to it because I’ve been doing it for so long that I think it would be weird to get up at what people call ‘normal time’. Even if I have time off, I’m up by like half six/seven! Waking up then is a lay in for me, its lovely!

So being an early bird, what is your alarm song to get you up in the morning?
I literally don’t have any music to get me up, my alarm clock goes off and I’m up! I’m not even one of those people who hit’s the snooze button. Sometimes I even beat my alarm if I’m honest with ya! I don’t get time to listen to music, so I’m up, ready and out the door.

I wish I could do that. Obviously breakfast is key to starting the day, so which do you prefer a big Fry Up or a slender bowl of cereal and a piece of fruit?
Ahhh! If I’m working Monday to Friday, then fruit and porridge, something healthy but if it’s after a gig at the weekend, then its fry up all the way!

How do you find working with Ricky and Melvin? You guys seem to have a great laugh and it’s brilliant to listen too.
To be honest we get on really well! It’s very natural, it’s not put on. We get in, in the morning and we talk like you do when you’re amongst friends. To be honest you forget how many people are listening. We just have a laugh and ultimately we have a pretty cool job!

It’s very cool! What we want to know is… how did you end up in such a fantastic position to presenting a breakfast radio show? Well, when I was thirteen, I went and bagged myself a little runner’s job for a local magazine aimed at twenty five year olds and above. With that, my dad is a black cab driver and if he picked up a celebrity, he’d put me in touch and then I’d go interview them. These then got put as articles in the magazine. Luckily enough, I got an interview with some people from a radio station and from that, I stayed in touch and gained plenty of work experience. When I started uni, the guys offered me a tea making job at the station, so for three years I combined both. Ever since then, I’ve just worked my way to be honest with ya. Before I knew it, my mouth was everywhere haha!

We’ve also seen you run a monthly podcast? Could you tell us a little bit about that?
Ahh yeah! These run every second Friday of the month and basically, it’s a selection of music that I personally like and that I would play out club wise. So it’s a clear to reflect the music I would play and who I am as a DJ, as to the person I am on the radio.

Fantastic, what tips would give to any aspiring student today to achieving their goals?
Never give up and really focus on what you want to do. Some people find that they don’t know what they want to do, but everyone has got a passion for something. There is always something for you, so you have to home in on what you’re good at, what you enjoy and then just go for it! Another one is to get industry contacts, no matter what. Use social media and stuff like that because a lot of the time people do actually get back to you. Just make people aware you’re about.

And when it comes down to jobs in the media, it’s a struggle to find work in small/local areas. Personally I live in Norwich and it’s not known for media. So how would you go about seeking that golden opportunity in the creative industry?
I love Norwich! I personally would go for the local paper. I’ve done so much work experience in local newspapers and local magazines because you might live in a really small town but at the end of the day, that place is still going to have something going on. Even a small article is a start, so again it’s all about connecting with people. That personally would be my way in.

Brilliant! What do you love about Norwich?
Ahh! To be honest, I love playing there! We went to the Norfolk Spectacular and I remember seeing Chase & Status and Tinie Tempah there. It was bloomin’ awesome! The people were really nice, yeah I love Norwich.

When it comes down to DJ’ing and presenting, you’ve met some amazing people but who has been your favourite person to interview?
I have to say I did recently meet Axwell and Ingrosso from Swedish House Mafia and Calvin Harris which for me as a DJ is the pinnacle, I literally wet myself I was so excited. But I always go with the same person! Only because the story is so bizarre, so 50 Cent came in a little while ago and there was a story flying around that he carried fifteen thousand pounds worth of cash on him, so I just asked him out right, how much cash have you got on you? And when I tell you he got out this wad of notes, it looked like he just raided the bank! It was insane.

That must have been so surreal. Would you say that is your most memorable moment in the studio? If not what was?
As cheesy as it sounds, it was probably the first time I spoke on air by accident. I used to sit in on the show and the main presenter asked a question to the rest of the team. They were on air and I wasn’t, and the question was asked and no one knew the answer but I was sitting in the corner like ‘I bloomin’ know the answer’. Next thing you know I’m on air saying the answer and it just went on from there really.

And being a world class DJ you get to travel the globe! You’re in Kavos this summer; have you ever been before?
Never, ever, ever been! My brother went a few years ago on his first lad’s holiday, so he’s my only experience in telling me what Kavos is like. I love playing in places that I’ve never been before.

It is mad; I went a few years ago. Where has been your ultimate gig location from all over the globe?
I’ve been lucky enough to play in some really mad places but I still can’t take myself away from playing at Space in Ibiza. I played in their opening one season but there is just something about the terrace in Ibiza, I just get a feeling that I don’t get anywhere else when I’m there.

That sound’s quality! What do you see yourself doing in ten years time? Will you still be waking our dreary heads up for a new day at work?
My GOD! That is the scariest question I’ve ever been asked in my life. Realistically, radio is moving all the time, so it’s unlikely I’ll still be on the breakfast show. As of radio in general, I’d love to still be on air.

Well best of luck Charlie! It’s been great talking to you and we look forward to hearing back from you soon!