Oh, Swifty, you never fail to surprise us with your catchy little songs and cutesy visuals. Your albums are so admirable and you just make it extremely hard not to love you. All you did was ooze a harmless persona, right up until now. The heartbreak ringing songstress has turned a ‘Bad Blood’ in her latest music video, which has been released for the globe to feast upon on the 17th of May.

In a neo-noir style action shoot, Taylor produced the video for her remixed single ‘Bad Blood’ and with that, invited some of her showbiz friends along to star in a cameo filled festival. From Ellie Goulding as ‘Destructa X’ wielding a rocket launcher, right through to Cara Delevingne as ‘Mother Chucker’, who is, believe it or not, an expert in spinning nunchucks; I think it’s fair to say this video has it all.

Laden in leather cat suits, the stars march up in a seductive and powerful manner, reeling through everyone’s action movie dream. With the story, it see’s Taylor as a hardened female hero, seeking revenge on her ex-partner after she was wrongfully turned over. Gathering her associates, Swifty builds a squad of elites under the arm of ‘Welvin Da Great’ aka Kendrick Lamar, and goes on to get the justice she deserves. Rumour has it that the cute, country singer is taking a dig at her old famed friend Katy Perry, but I guess no one will ever know the beef that went on!

All in all, putting the video to one side, the song ‘Bad Blood’ sticks to true Taylor Swift style and provides us with a number that’ll be stuck in your head for days to come. Tagging ‘band aids don’t fix bullet holes’, it’s clear to see she is still raw, but because of that, she’ll be posting up chart topping tunes for many years to come. We thank you for the video Taylor and cannot to see you at The Big Weekend!

If you’re yet to catch the ‘Bad Blood’ video, you can check it out below…