Viva la Revolution! Jamie Oliver has indulged further into the culinary world and is making his mark with a global change. Food revolution day, which has been set up by Jamie himself, is a day in which he pushes forward his plans to educate the world and help them to understand why it is vital that we understand what we eat and drink.

Key points of the campaign state that more than forty-two million of the globes children under five, are either overweight or even obese, meaning that nutritional education is at an all time low when it is needed most. Not only that, for the first time ever, the children of today are growing up into a society where they are predicted to have a shorter life span than their parents and with that, diet related illness’ are up there with the world’s most deadliest of killers.

Jamie’s plan is to get the world of the internet to back him as an army, to march on to change the law. He needs us to sign the petition and share it with our friends and that way, we can make a difference and change the next generation’s future for what it is. The idea that is being pushed is that, Jamie wants all the countries in the G20 to promote and introduce a fun, educational way of having ‘Food Education’ on the curriculum, helping kids to understand why our diets is important. So far, the online charge has reached over one million signatures and it’s looking likely that Mr. Oliver will state ‘Mission Accomplished’.

The cheeky British chef loves to get the world going with eating and because he’s so passionate about food, he’ll go to any lengths. This campaign even has an intriguing single to go with it and there’s no denying that he’s really pulled some stars out of the bag. Collaborating with the likes of Professor Green, Ed Sheeran, Alesha Dixon, Paul McCartney and many more, Jamie lifts the team in an opening of musical bliss. From rapping the intro to masterminding the drums, he showcases an array of talent (however cooking seems to be his better trait) making for a catchy little song, for a really good cause!

So, if you haven’t already, sign the petition and get thought for food back into our brains! Let’s have less of the mindless munching and educate the world on why food is important! Check out the video below and make sure you sign and share.