Written by Natalie Deyes

Whether you’re visiting Liverpool for the first time, a student or have lived in Liverpool all your life, you’ll know that it’s a fantastic place to be. From the people, to the lingo, to the food. Liverpool is one of the most popular places for students with 3 universities! The student life is pretty amazing! So here’s a quick guide for things to do and places to go in the Land of the Liverbirds!

Down At The Docks…

Perfect for history and art lovers! With it’s new-ish Liverpool museum, as well as the Tate Gallery and Maritime Museum, it’s a great place to visit if you’re in need of inspiration. It also holds plenty of restaurants, as well as being home to the Titanic Boat Hotel. You can also take a ride on the Yellow Submarine, which gives a guided tour of Liverpool.

‘I Like To Ride My Bicycle…’

Liverpool has a new addition to it’s city…the Green City Bikes! From just £3 for the day, it’s a great way of getting around Liverpool!

Up The Cobbled Street…

Bold Street is easily one of the best places in Liverpool. With it’s cobbled footpath, there’s plenty of independent vintages shops, restaurants and bars. A definite visit is Central Perk, which is home to that famous orange couch. Also why not take a step back in time to a favourite with Liverpool vintage lovers at ‘Pop Boutique’. Affordable, trendy, student fashion all under one roof!

Take A Stroll…

Sefton Park is a must when being in Liverpool! It’s probably the most beautiful place in Liverpool. Grab an ice cream. Sit by the lake. Visit the palm house. Plus it’s free! Perfect day out in sunny Liverpool!

Student Accommodation

While a major city, Liverpool offers decent living standards at a decent cost. Liverpool accommodation for students is at the lower end of the cost scale, even if you stay with a private landlord like Sanctuary Students. Even though costs are relatively low, standards are still high. You can find decent student accommodation at a reasonable price, and still live well!

‘Twist & Shout…’

Beatles fan? You can’t visit Liverpool and not visit it’s beloved Cavern Club, which is situated in the Cavern Quarter. The underground bar, hosts daily and nightly live and free Beatles music acts. Sing, dance, drink and you never know who you may bump into!

‘Fancy a Chinese?’

Liverpool is famous for being ‘Capital Of Culture 2008’. It clearly wasn’t kidding. China Town is a great little place to visit, with so many Chinese restaurants to try out.

‘That’s A FACT!’

The FACT is a stunning little independent cinema in the heart of Liverpool! It shows classics, to new releases as well hosting various arts events and exhibitions.

There’s so much to do in Liverpool. And a lot of it is FREE! Whether you’re a music lover visiting the annual International Music Festival, or a vintage lover attending the monthly BlueCoat Vintage Fair and Kilo Sale…there is definitely something for everyone in the land of the Scouse!