We all know our world is surrounded by some pretty amazing animals and recently in the news, there’s been a number of stories that have confirmed this theory…

1. Simply buzzing
A Chinese bee-keeper, 55, has set a new Guinness World Record for attaching 109.05kg of bees to his body.
2. Duck!
A funeral will be held in Somerset for a duck named, ‘Desmond Drake.’ He was well-known in the area for scaring birds in the village pond and for eating lots of cake and stale bread.
3. Ruff journey
An abandoned collie cross was discovered at the summit of, ‘Scafell Pike’, which is England’s highest mountain.
4. Boar off!
A 25kg boar caused a stir when it managed to find its way into a clothing shop in China – luckily, only a couple of manikins where damaged!
5. Silly snake
A python named, ‘Winston’ had to have surgery after he swallowed some barbecue tongs
6. You’re squidding me!
A squid which measures over two metres in length washed up on a New Zealand beach and is now on display in an aquarium.
7. That’s fishy!
According to researchers, in California, they have found the first fully warm-blooded fish!

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