Ok, so, yesterday we gave you some motivational quotes to help kick-start your week. Here @TheSPG, we like to think of ourselves as pretty positive, fun-loving peeps. However, currently, the hastag, ‘#IHateYouSoMuch’ is trending on Twitter and we’ve got to admit… we’ve been laughing at some of your responses.  We’ve revealed some of our personal favourites (Ps. just so you know, we don’t actually hate anyone, it’s all good fun!)

”That I hope every door you ever go to push needs pulling.”
”I hope my mum sends you more Candy Crush requests.”
”I hope you get lots of unexpected items in your bagging area.”
”I hope you discover your milk is off after you’ve put it in your tea. And it’s the last tea bag.”
”I hope your washing machine doesn’t live longer with Calgon.”
”I hope you step on lego.”
”I hope you lose your water supply just after you’ve shampooed your hair.”

Now it’s time to spread the love! Have a listen to this to get in the love-zone: