So ‘Selfie’ has officially snapped its way into the Oxford dictionary and with that, the world has seen a gigantic influx of front facing camera’s flashing pictures of our beautiful kisser’s. The evolution of the portable camera has shot straight from shaking your pixel filled Polaroid paper, to a minuscule speck on the back of your smart phone, making it a breeze to capture those all important moments. Now, in the year 2015, an array of applications have been created in the hope to generate and share your travels, fails and unforgettable times of hilarity and from here on out, we saw the birth of Snapchat.

The simple, yet genius compilation of sharing a short, one to ten-second snap with your friends and loved ones, gave people the bravery to dare to be mischievous with their pictures, as well as screen-grabbing the great times. So, here at the SPG, we’ve finally decided to jump on the photo filled, band wagon and have joined Snapchat!

Not only that but we’ll be running a feature for the best snaps we receive throughout the summer! So add us on the username The_SPG and start sending in your images. Whether it’s a cheeky snap of your mate on a night out, a luxurious landscape shot or just an adorable dog doing something silly, we welcome it all and if we love it, we’ll feature it in our next edition of our magazine!

Be sure to scan the image below in Snapchat on your smart phone and we can’t wait to see the craziness you get up to in these coming months! Start snapping!