What a weekend it’s been! Although it’s only been a measly three-day affair, we Brit’s have seen more excitement in the 72 hours than there was throughout the whole of January alone. With a glorious treat of an extra day off work, what better way to take it all in, than by sitting on our bums?

Now, whether like a lot of us, you were hanging over for most of the May Day celebrations, or in fact, you were chilling whilst being waited on hand and foot, you would’ve noticed… A ROYAL BABY HAS BEEN BORN! Yes, that’s right Britain, another adorable little gem has been given life and it’s one of luxury at that. On Saturday May the 2nd, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, a beautiful sister to the latest Prince George, was born and it has sent the nation baby crazy. Will we see another day off on our calendar next year? Probably not, but never the less, it’s a great reason to celebrate.

Over to the sports world now and it saw a weekend where even more history was made. Historic events that may have been so big, that they top Floyd Mayweather’s bank balance (unlikely) and few legends have been made. Saturday afternoon, we witnessed the end of the Sky Bet Championship and with it; there were more heart-in-mouth highlights, with more movers and shakers than an evening at your Nan’s dance club. Unfortunately, our home team Norwich couldn’t pull through for automatic promotion this year, so we’re off to the playoff’s to slam Ipswich! Not only that, in the early hours of Sunday morning, those crazy enough to stay awake would’ve seen the ‘Fight of The Century’, where big money Mayweather ran around to victory over his opponent, Manny Pacquiao; this crowning him 48-0 in the boxing world, being one of the best fighters to date. THAT’S NOT ALL! Chelsea were crowned kings of England in the Premier League on Sunday too. My goodness, I need to take a breath to soak all this in; now I know how poor Geoff feels on ‘Soccer Saturday’.

Finally, on Monday, to help all our sore, hung over heads sink deeper into the sofa, we had ‘May the 4th Be With You’. The ultimate excuse to marathon on ‘Star Wars’ mainly, but if you’re not a fan, any other film series would do. The puns were rolling in, the Lightsaber’s were slaying droids and force was strong with us. May the 4th will forever be the day to indulge into the sci-fi saga and in my opinion, you can’t beat ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, so with that being said, my little heart is fuelled by excitement for episode seven.

This is the best bit… The month can only get better! Three weeks until the next bank holiday means you can start ticking off the day’s and with that being said, get your BBQ out because the weather’s looking scorching. Summer’s coming, so whip out your short’s, slap on some sun cream and make the most of it for 2015!