Many of you will be pleased to hear that today is National Burger Day! If the suns shining where you are, we hope you’ll be frying a nice juicy beef burger on the bbq in your back garden later this evening… but will your burger be as big as any of these? Many people around the world have tried, ‘The Burger Challenge’ – have a look at some of these attempts!

1. 3kg, ‘Great Bear’ Burger Challenge

2. Burger King 100 Cheese Burger Challenge

3. Brooklyn Cafe’s Giant Burger Challenge

Anyone feeling rather full after all that? Us too! We hope all you meat lovers enjoy your burgers, but If you’re a vegetarian, don’ think you need to miss out – why not try the bean burger recipe we posted for National Vegetarian Week? If you do happen to try the Burger Challenge, let us know how you get on!