So you’re all loved up? There’s no better feeling in the world when you find that someone who just seems to get you and knows exactly how to put a smile on your face. Well, there is a slightly better feeling….when you can afford to go out on dates. Dates cost. Most of the time, they cost a lot!

You try so hard to please the other person but the pennies simply won’t stretch! Well we have a solution! Here, we have the answers to being loved up and skint. Even if you’re not, why not try them anyway?

Have a night in!

The ‘night-in-date-night’ is completely underrated! Cosy up and go Netflix crazy! Play Jenga! Get out the games console…even if you’re other half isn’t a game whiz, it will probably make for a great laugh! Crack open the nachos and wine and there you go! Sorted!

Go to a free gig!

A lot more venues are now holding free gigs, with upcoming, unsigned musicians. It’s also great, as the conversation doesn’t have to be flowing. Awkward silences are non existant!

Go to a quiz night!

Don’t just go as a couple either. Double date! It will bring out that inner University Challenge you never knew you had and if you win then even better!

Go Bowling!

This is a super fun and cheap date! Plus there are always student saver nights which make it ideal for a money saving and fun date.


For most people, doing this sober is not an option! But you don’t have to sing….be the judge, sit and relax whilst other people belt out their tunes.


More and more students and couples are enjoying salsa nowadays! It’s perfect for keeping fit and is incredibly sexy!

Play Pool!

Excellent for getting that competitive banter flowing! Plus, you don’t have to be amazing at it. All you need is a good sense of humor.

Rent Paddle Boats!

This one is great for the talking type…

Go Hiking!

This can be so much fun! Take food and maybe a glass of wine or two.

Whatever you decide to do, you can save money. And it doesn’t make it any less exciting!

Credit to Natalie Deyes