It doesn’t seem that long ago that the Apple Watch was released and flying off the shelves. People couldn’t wait to get their hands (and wrists) on the new phenomenon. We all know Apple products are great, but if you’ve got a tattoo, you may want to re-think your purchase…

There’s been flaws with Apple products before. For example, when the iPhone 6 was launched, some customers noticed that the device could bend (see below). It’s just proves – experts can test a product as much as they like, but ultimately, some faults will only be detected by the public (we’re just as good as the Apple genius’).

Customers have now found a snag with the Apple Watch. Got a wrist-inking? Then your watch may experience some problems. Tattooed users have reported that their watch can lose connection and gives them incorrect heart rate results. The darker your tattoo, the more this seems to be an issue.

This guy demonstrates that his watch works fine on his left wrist (which has no tattoos), but goes faulty when put on his right wrist (which is tattooed).

Do you have an Apple Watch? What do you think of the product? Have you experienced problems with your watch because of your inkings? Let us know by tweeting us @TheSPG

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