Crazy over Christian Grey? Can’t wait any longer for a new instalment? Well, in just over two weeks, you’ll be able to suppress your shade craving and get lost into a world of page turning again.

EL James, the author of the already amazing triliogy, has unveiled that on June the 18th (Christian Grey’s fictional birthday); he’ll be releasing a book titled ‘Grey’. In the novel, fans will be getting a look at a whole different side to the story and with that, are seeing the world through the eyes of the dominant.

From a troubled past, to an undeniable sex drive, Shade followers will be able to see what has pushed Mr.Grey to his world of lust and desire. With a link to the audience, people know that in a relationship it takes two to tango, so could Christian have been a victim of his own game before? Or maybe he has just spurred the passion from within?

All we know is, fans all over the globe have been driving James barmy over this book and he’s even put in the opening page ‘dedicated to those readers who asked … and asked … and asked … and asked for this’, however, he does mention how he’s happy writing the books.

Since the books began to sell, EL James has racked up millions of pounds many times over and his book sales have rocketed through over 125 million. As of ‘Grey’ you can be expecting it to be flying from the library shelves for days, so snap up your copy as soon as it’s out!