Hold on to your popcorn because this coming October we will see the return of the Paranormal Activity movies. The sixth in the series named ‘The Ghost Dimension’ is being dubbed as the scariest yet, and because of that, we advise you take some spare underwear. With the franchise being stretched since back in 2007, Paranormal Activity:The Ghost Dimensions is unfortunately going to be the last in the list but it can’t go without saying, it’s had some serious success.

Setting a new bench mark for horror movies all round, Paranormal Activity has sent shivers down every person’s spine since its first showing and it will live on much the same as the cult classics gone by. I remember when I first witnessed the terror; I couldn’t even put a toe on the floor without watching my back and lighting up every bulb in my house.

The newly released trailer is set much similar to its sequel brothers but it certainly will be double the scare. With the use of an ultra-styled ghost cam, the family in the house can only watch on as the ghostly happenings unfold and there’s not a doubt in anybody’s mind that the terror will pour through.

If you’re yet to catch a glimpse of the brand new trailer, check it out below if you dare and be sure to book your tickets ready for October when the movies all unfold.