Here’s to all you wanderers of the post apocalyptic wasteland. From the hours we spent trekking across the land in search of survival, to totting up enemy kills in the V.A.T.S system; it has been ages since the last instalment in the Fallout series. Well, sigh no more because it looks as though today Bethesda will be unravelling a long awaited treasure in the form of a next gen, Fallout 4.

For all the hope that was pinned onto this game, it seems that the chief creators at the studio have finally let the breaks off of the hype train and it’s on a zero-stop service. Since yesterday, the company launched a ‘Please Stand By’ countdown clock on an official site and with that, it runs out today at 3PM GMT.

Many people are speculating that it may just be another Fallout hoax and some are saying it’s an official teaser to a trailer. All we can tell you is, it’s real and there is not a doubt that Bethesda has backed the campaign themselves by posting a link on their socials. So, what will it be? A cinematic reveal trailer? A sneaky snippet into an ongoing nuclear puzzle? Or just mealy a release date?

In my opinion, this is the much needed revival that the next generation of console gaming needed and because of that, I’ll be back to spending my spare time living the life of the lone wanderer. If we witness the return of Three Dog on the radio whilst bouncing around with our well earned companion, life will feel complete once again.

Make sure you’ve got your alarm set for the launch because this is going to be bigger explosion than when you decided to blow up Megaton in the third instalment. To suppress our nuclear cravings even more, we’ve got some nostalgic footage of the great ad campaign from Fallout 3 below and also the countdown clock HERE!